News: Beta Launch of BIH Wallet with Exchange and Instant Masternode Setup

We are excited to release our new wallet for public BETA. This is NOT a mandatory update.
1) We have integrated our backend and the "TrueOneClickMasternode" is active and works very well.
2) The in-wallet exchange is working. This is a beta release so if there are any questions or faults please let us know trough our contact channels.
The old wallet version will also continue to work.

Download the NEW Wallet
Its a unsigned file, so Windows OS might warn you to open or download it.

A standalone exchange front-end without BIH blockchain is also available:

Stand-alone Exchange

For both apps, if you use a google account on the MNTank platform, its necessary to change youre password, please follow the: google login howto

About and Services

BitHost is a cryptography blockchain, which has been launched to offer various services and solutions to the community. The services will be paid in BIH, which is the currency of BitHost blockchain. masternode hosting is our core product, the current front-end of our platform. Via Cold/Hot hosting service, we host the nodes while you remain in control of the coins.

In-wallet exchange

Once the development is done, we will list all current masternodes that are supported on our platform into the exchange, offering a fast and simple route to exchange them into BIH and other major currencies.

In-wallet TrueOneClickMasternode

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Bithostcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the only true human cryptocurrency of the future. BitHostCoin is the parallel coin of internet services

Road Map

Everyone in the business to clearly understand each action and what decisions need to be made

Blockchain specifications

Coin Name:
Coin Type:
Block Size:
2 MB
Block Time:
60 Sec
(3%) removed
Total Supply:
51 M
First PoS Block:
Coin Maturity:
60 Blocks
Minimun Stack time:
1 Hr

Stand-Alone BIH Wallets @Github  

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