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Complete Solution for Hosting with Cryptocurrency

BitHost Coin Specifications

So keen while defining

Coin NameBitHostCoin


Coin TypePoS + MN


AlgorithmPoS + zPoS Hybrid

Block Size2 MB

Block Time60 Sec

Premine (3%)Not available (previous team)

Total Supply51 M

First PoS Block101

Coin Maturity60 Block

Minimum Stake1 Hr

Block Reward Structure

We have smart block rewards focused on ROI with long run

Block Start Block End Block Rewards Masternode % POS %
200001 241700 39 86 14
241701 250000 32 90 10
250001 300000 25.55 90 10
300001 400000 20 90 10
400001 2200000 16.67 90 10
2200001 3200000 4.11 90 10
3200001 4200000 2 90 10
4200001 5200000 1 90 10
5200001 6200000 0.55 90 10
6200001 7200000 0.22 90 10
7200001 51000000 0.11 90 10

What is BitHost Coin

Bithost Coin is implemented with an aim to provide complete Cryptocurency solution for hosting and to vanish the difficult constraints on fiat Currencies , Bithost coin will be used as a payment mode for hosting providers in the near future. You can buy, sell and trade Bithost coin using crypto-robots like Bitcoin Billionaire. The bitcoin billionaire ergebnisse show that the bot has a win rate of around 80% and earns extraordinarily high profits. This software gives you the chance to profit from your investment.

BitHost Coin Tutorials

MNTank.com offers automatic masternodes hosting where BIH is the payment currency. You can also host your masternodes with the help of our tutorial on your own VPS too


Everyone in the business to clearly understand each action and what decisions need to be made
  1. 2018, Q4

    Official Website Launch
    Initial Whitepaper release
    Community Development
    Windows/Linux Wallet Release

  2. 2019, Q1

    New Professional Core Team costitution
    Wallets POS Attack fixing
    Increase masternode collateral (15000 BIH)
    MNTank.com Masternodes Hosting Platform Lanched

  3. 2019, Q2

    VPN Services Will Be Launched
    Webhosting Services Will Be Started with Bithost Coin as Currency

  4. 2019, Q3

    BIH coin as payment currency to hosting providers
    Ecommerce Market Place For Hosting Services With BIH Coin (Solution for Different Hosting Providers as a Single Place)

  5. 2019, Q4

    Electrum Wallet Release
    Mass Marketing (About Hosting Marketplace)
    New Plan Announcement

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